Tree Planting in Buffalo

Tree planing is an integral part of your landscape design.

buffalo tree planting service
Tree Planting Service from WNY Landscape

Tree planting is an integral part of your overall landscape design project. The lack of proper design that includes trees and shrubs can make your landscape design appear off balance.

Work with WNY Landscape for your complete landscape design project. Our tree planting service will ensure that the right planting is selected for any particular area. Considerations include the aesthetics along with the future implications of the tree or shrub due to tree size and root structure.

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Some examples of tree planting in the Buffalo region (Examples from Lancaster, Clarence, and Amherst represented below)

Service berry trees along flagstone path River Birch tree installation

Japanes maple installation - slate wall Spruce tree landscaping barrier

Hetzi Juniper tree installation



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