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Winter deer control service for Western New York.

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Winter Deer Control Service

Our winter deer control is a liquid latex application that gets applied in late fall. The spray completely coats the shrub and takes any edible scent away from the plant. One application lasts up to 6 months. This product is very affordable and can save hundreds of dollars when compared to deer netting, burlap and other deer control products.

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Deer control is necessary to protect your shrubs, trees, landscaping and your yard. Throughout the year, deer pose a hazard to drivers and carry ticks that can spread diseases like Lyme disease to humans and pets.

During the summer, deer control can include plantings that deter deer. Fences deter deer throughout the year and barbed plants like roses add to the protective effect.

A new, innovative spray contact repellant for winter deer control is liquid latex. The liquid latex is sprayed on plants in the fall and discourages foraging deer throughout the winter. In the Buffalo NY area, liquid latex will last much longer than chemical and herb based spray contact repellants because snow will not diminish its effectiveness.

deer eating shrubsRemember: Do not feed the deer.

Throwing corn, or other food out to attract deer is encouraging over-population and will keep the deer coming back to your yard. When a food source is not available, they will find other sources. (ie: Your landscaping!)

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